Sunday, May 19, 2024

Hamilton glasshouses to make way for iconic new space

Hamilton City Council says iconic features of Hamilton Gardens’ glasshouses will remain when the structure is removed in May.

The glasshouses, situated in the Victorian Flower Garden near Cobham Drive, have been closed since 2020, as part of cost-saving measures.

The removal of the glasshouses is budgeted in the 2021-2031 Long-Term Plan, and is expected to take around a month. The works will make way for a new open space, that will retain the facility’s existing black and white tiled flooring and entry archway.

Local resident, Cyndy Hutchinson’s late father, Jack Jordan, worked at Hamilton Gardens for 30 years. He worked on many iconic features of the Gardens, including the tiled floor of the glasshouses.

“Hamilton Gardens is an extra special place for our family, we have lots of happy memories there. It’s excellent that the tiled floor will be maintained, and we’ll definitely be coming for a visit when the project is complete,” she said.

Director of Hamilton Gardens, Lucy Ryan, said the glasshouses were inefficient and expensive to run.

“Compared to a small number of visitors, the glasshouses were expensive to run, and Council decided to close them in 2020. It’s now time to remove them and return this area to a useable space for our community,” said Ms Ryan.

While glasshouses have been at the site since the 1960s, the current ones are not deemed heritage buildings.

“Glasshouses were brought over from Memorial Park in the 1960s, but they have since been demolished,” said Ms Ryan.

“In the current glasshouses, we’ve replaced several components of them at least once since they were installed.” 

Council also confirmed that five notable trees in the surrounding area will be protected during the removal project. 

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