Sunday, April 21, 2024

Hamilton plays it straight on roundabout safety

With 130 roundabouts helping to manage traffic flow in Hamilton – and more planned to be installed in the future – Hamilton City Council is working towards making the city’s intersections safer for users.

Safety doesn’t just mean slowing traffic down or building facilities for pedestrians and people on bikes. It also involves educating and reminding road users on how to navigate roundabouts, how to use them responsibly and respectfully, and how to follow the rules to keep everyone safe, Council said in a statement today.

Council’s latest road safety campaign, Know Your Way Around a Roundabout, asks road users to stick to three golden rules:

• slow down and give way
• be aware of who’s around you
• respect everyone.

City Transport Unit Director, Gordon Naidoo said the work by Council links back to the city’s Vision Zero goal to achieve zero deaths and serious injuries on local roads.

Installing raised safety platforms at the approaches to roundabouts, which encourage drivers to slow down and provide a safe location for pedestrians to cross, is one example of Council’s efforts to improve safety, however that’s not always enough, he said.

“While we work to make our roundabouts as safe as possible, it is ultimately up to individual driver behaviour to ensure we all get to where we need to be.”

From 2015 to 2020, there were more than 1,000 reported crashes at roundabouts in Hamilton involving vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists.

“More than half of these crashes were a result of vehicles failing to give way to their right, or not noticing a stopped vehicle in front of them causing a rear-end accident,” Mr Naidoo said.

“These are factors that ultimately could be avoided if people are doing the right thing, highlighting the importance education has to play in this issue.”

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