Monday, June 24, 2024

Hamilton releases growth strategy for public feedback

Hamilton City Council has developed an Urban Growth Strategy to ensure the city is optimised for housing choices, employment opportunities and community amenities accessible to all who call the river city home.

Growth Programmes Manager, Karen Saunders said the Strategy which guides where, when and how the city will grow in the next 50 years was now ready for public feedback.

“This Strategy is about making the most out of the opportunities growth presents. It’s about homes, jobs and ensuring that as Hamilton grows, it’s doing so in a way that enhances the wellbeing of all Hamiltonians and delivers vibrant, connected communities,” she said. 

“With Hamilton’s population expected to continue to significantly grow we need to think carefully about where Hamiltonians will live and work. It’s not just about the physical buildings – we need to consider things like how people will move around, the impact on the Waikato River, how we’ll pay for the infrastructure, like water pipes, to support more homes and how we can respond to climate change. This is city shaping stuff!”

The draft Strategy prioritises growing up from the central city first, in line with the recent Plan Change 12 and Government’s direction for growth, Ms Saunders said.

It also recognises the need to build near the key transport routes and create great communities in committed greenfield areas, like Peacocke, she said.

“Hamilton has some pretty big advantages. Our strategic location between Auckland and Tauranga means we’re an economic powerhouse and by working with our neighbours we’re able to bring benefits to the entire region.”

The draft Strategy also includes a set of principles to guide opportunities for new land to come into the city if its required.

“This Strategy takes advantage of our opportunities, as well as responding to our challenges, and sets the direction for how we’ll deliver that growth and build connected, vibrant and prosperous communities for all Hamiltonians,” said Ms Saunders.

To view the draft Hamilton Urban Growth Strategy visit

Feedback on the draft Strategy is open until 20 November.

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