Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Hamilton roundabout works to go full circle

Improvements to Hamilton’s Tristram Street and Collingwood Street roundabout in the central city got underway this week.

Hamilton City Council’s City Transportation Unit Director, Gordon Naidoo said although the project aims to make the intersection safer for all road users, it’s not the only reason for the works.  

“By installing shared paths, cycle lanes and safer places for pedestrians and people on bikes to cross the road, we’re enabling the community to connect to people and places in safe, accessible, and smart ways – no matter how they choose to travel,” said Mr Naidoo.  

Raised zebra crossings and cycle crossings will replace the existing crossing points on Tristram Street and Collingwood Street to encourage drivers to slow down and give way to people crossing the road.   

Once the new ACC building is complete in early 2023, these crossings will help about 700 new staff cross the road safely, Mr Naidoo said.

The new cycle crossings, paired with designated bike lanes and shared paths will improve the biking network through the area, from the Tristram Street and Thackeray Street roundabout through to the Tristram Street and Ward Street intersection. 

“With about 22,000 vehicle movements each day, it’s never going to be an easy roundabout to complete roadworks at, but we’re confident in our approach,” said Mr Naidoo.   

“We’re working with the businesses and community to ensure impacts are kept to a minimum throughout construction. This also includes completing an upgrade of the watermain under the road while we are working in the area.  

“This is to ensure we only dig once to minimise impacts to residents and businesses.”

Most of the works will be completed by Christmas. Council said the works team will return in mid to late January 2023 to finish any minor works and water connections.

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