Sunday, June 23, 2024

Hastings library poses earthquake risk

A seismic assessment of the Hastings War Memorial Library, undertaken by WSP for Hastings District Council, has revealed the building is potentially at risk in a significant earthquake.

The assessment resulted in a rating of 20% NBS (percentage of New Building Standard) for both the original portion of the building built in 1957, and the extension which was built in 1992.

A building with an earthquake rating of less than 34% NBS is considered to be earthquake-prone.

The library building’s low seismic rating indicates uncertainty as to how the building would respond in significant but rare earthquakes. However, a risk assessment report says the building is not at risk of failure in smaller more frequent earthquakes.

The seismic risk evaluation report by Kestrel Group said: “Continued occupancy and use of the building is appropriate while plans for the building are being developed and implemented.”

The library will remain open while appropriate plans are developed to bring its seismic rating above 34% NBS. As with other earthquake-prone buildings of this type, Council will have 15 years to undertake the necessary remediation work.

Group manager of community wellbeing and services, Rebekah Dinwoodie said Council had taken the advice of experts when considering the immediate future and public use of the library.

“The building is not considered to be at any imminent risk of failure in a moderate earthquake.”

“The likelihood of an earthquake large enough to cause structural failure in any given year, or over a five to 10-year period, is considered low,” she said.

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