Thursday, June 13, 2024

Have your say on future Auckland plan

Auckland Council is urging people to give their feedback on how the region should grow over the next 30 years, with consultation set to end in a fortnight.

With half a million more people expected to live in the city by 2058, Council says the draft Future Development Strategy is a plan to ensure homes, jobs and infrastructure are built in the right places, at the right time.

“The plan focusses on protecting our environment and building our resilience to natural hazards by growing in a way that both reduces emissions and adapts to climate change. It also aims to ensure enough homes can be built to meet demand over the next 30 years,” Council said in a statement.

The consultation period has been extended to 31 July 2023.

Auckland Council’s General Manager of the Auckland Plan, Strategy and Research, Jacques Victor says it’s important for the city to have a clear, agreed plan for managing its growth.

“At the heart of this plan is making sure we are future-proofing our city for its next generations, and we want to hear from as many Aucklanders as possible on whether they think we have got this right,” he said.

What can Aucklanders have their say on? 

Council wants to hear from Aucklanders on the following proposals in the draft Future Development Strategy:

  • to focus most of Auckland’s growth in existing urban areas, rather than growing more at the edges of the city;
  • to focus development near local centres, making it easier for people to access work, services, facilities and shops by walking, cycling and public transport;
  • to avoid further growth in areas that are exposed to significant risk of environmental hazards;
  • to prioritise nature-based infrastructure that responds to the impacts of climate change. 

Make a submission online through the Auckland Council website at:

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