Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Historic grandstand restoration hit by costs blowout

As the final push is made to complete the restoration of Golden Bay’s historic grandstand, Tasman District Council says it is exploring options to fund additional unforeseen work.  

The grandstand adjacent to the Golden Bay Recreation Park Centre was earmarked for demolition but, after negotiations with residents, the wrecking ball was kept at bay and an agreement was reached to restore the structure. 

As part of the Council’s 10-year Plan 2021-31, a budgeted $930,000 contribution to the project was brought forward, to be made available this financial year, and work began. 

“However, as the project has proceeded, it has become clear that the condition of the existing structure was far worse than anticipated. Works additional to the original cost estimate include replacement of approximately 97% of the structural timber, full reconstruction of the foundations, and removal of residual asbestos,” Council said in a statement this week.

“Engineers have also identified that the roof will require significant repairs and repainting within the next five to seven years, which would be much more cost effective if this were done now. “

The total cost of the additional grandstand work is $195,000. 

Councillors will consider a report today which provides various funding options. 

The historic grandstand is much-loved by local residents, who campaigned to ‘save’ it.

The project budget of $930,000 is funded from the District Facilities Rate. The additional $195,000 required could also be funded from this rate. Alternatively, it could also be funded from the Golden Bay Community Board Rate or the General Rate, Council said.

Options for funding nearly $300,000 worth of carparking upgrades for the entire Recreation Park area will also be discussed at the meeting.   

A community commitment to provide funds toward the project is yet to bear fruit, however members of the A&P Association and Grandstand Trust have offered to contribute labour to a community painting day. 

The project is scheduled for completion by the end of August. 

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