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Hurunui remembers legacy of Rewi Alley during Chinese visit

Sharing the story of Rewi Alley with the young people of the Selwyn and Hurunui Districts was the wish of Chinese Ambassador Wang Xiaolong during his recent visit to the region.

Last week, the Selwyn Sister Committee, Christchurch China Committee and Hurunui District Council coordinated the visit of Ambassador Wang and Chinese Consul to the South Island Madam He to Springfield School, Darfield High and Amberley School to talk about the mark Mr Alley made in Chinese history, with this year being the 125th anniversary of his birth.

Rewi Alley.

Once a student at Amberley School, Mr Alley went on to create a legacy, serving as a friendly ally between New Zealand and China.

He spent 60 years in China as an advocate for the Chinese people, establishing industrial cooperatives and technical training schools.

Before visiting Amberley School last week, Ambassador Wang joined Hurunui District Mayor, Marie Black for a walk around Chamberlain Park, planting a tree in memory of Mr Alley in the Chinese Garden (pictured).

Mayor Black said it is important that the legacy of Mr Alley was well known amongst the area’s young people.

“Alley’s great respect for Chinese people, and his humble no-nonsense manner made him a well-respected cultural ambassador for both countries. It is important for our youth to understand and appreciate the link he forged between China and New Zealand to ensure it continues to grow stronger throughout generations to come.”

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