Saturday, June 15, 2024

Infected ship visited two Samoan ports

The Samoa Government has confirmed the container ship, Fesco Askold, which arrived in American Samoa on Sunday, with three COVID-19 infected crew members aboard, had previously docked at Matautu in Samoa for less than 24 hours.

According to a government press release, the matter was relayed immediately to Samoa’s Director General of the Ministry of Health – Leausa Samau Dr Take Naseri by American Samoa’s Epidemiologist at the Department of Health – Aifili Tufa via phone that night.

Officials say the Fesco docked at Matautu for less than 24 hours.

“The process at Matautu was well coordinated and controlled when any vessel is authorized to enter the wharf. The process was strictly co-managed by the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Police, Customs, Quarantine, Immigration and the Samoa Port Authority. The ship – Fesco Askold went through this highly controlled process,” a Government statement said.

“As has been from the beginning of the Proclamation of the State of Emergency for COVID 19, all vessels requesting to enter Samoa are required to have valid medical clearance(s) for all crew members, with negative COVID 19 test results, and reports from the last point of departure.

“These documents are meticulously assessed by Samoa’s health officials at the quarantine buoy, about a mile away from Matautu wharf. A ship could only be granted authorization to enter / dock at Matautu Wharf only if it has satisfied these health requirements.”

It said that all crew members, including the ship’s captain, were required to isolate in a designated room on board the ship, while the health assessment is being conducted.

“Upon satisfaction of Samoa’s health requirements, a designated pilot from the Samoa Port Authority would sail the ship into the Matautu wharf.”

“The area on the wharf where the ship was docked was sealed off and the Police guard is always on site to make sure that no one of the crew members comes on land. Stevedoring service is also closely monitored to avoid any contact with the crew.

“These procedures were strictly followed in the assessment of Fesco Askold. All frontline officials were fully protected with personal protection equipment (PPE), masks, and gloves in the performance of their prescribed duties at the wharf.  Containers offloaded from this ship were sterilized. This joint operation has been undertaken carefully to make sure that Samoa is safe and protected from the COVID 19.

“The country is hereby assured that Samoa remains COVID 19 free to date, and the National Emergency Operations Centre through effective coordination of border agencies continues to work tirelessly to safeguard Samoa in these difficult times.

“In fortifying our national efforts to protect Samoa, the frontline officials who serviced Fesco Askold are now placed in a controlled isolation. This is part of health precautionary measures. They will be tested over the next five (5) days for COVID 19. To date, they all remain healthy and well.”

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