Monday, April 22, 2024

INZ plays key support role in terror attack inquiry

Immigration New Zealand (INZ) is playing a key role in supporting people travelling to Aotearoa for the Coronial Inquiry into the 2019 Christchurch Mosque terror attacks.

As of 24 October, the agency has approved 210 applications from registered support people to come to New Zealand and support their friends and families through the Coronial Inquiry into the Christchurch Mosque terror attacks in 2019, it said in a statement.

“All applications were processed through our Christchurch 1 office, working closely with Victim Support, the Ministry of Social Development, and the Ministry of Justice on coordinating support for people who wished to travel for the inquiry.”

It says the applications were processed as a priority exclusively through the Christchurch 1 office to ensure a centralised and efficient process.

People are travelling from places as far and wide as Bangladesh, Egypt, Ethiopia, Fiji, India, Indonesia, Jordan, Pakistan, and Turkey to support their friends and families through the coronial inquiry.

“Since the Christchurch Mosque attacks in March 2019, INZ has been committed to trying to relieve some of the stress and anxiety in the Christchurch Muslim community around immigration issues by providing immigration support and assistance to victims of the attacks and their families,” says INZ Head of Operations Christchurch 1, Nick Tolan.

“Our deepest sympathies are with the victims and their families and friends during this difficult time. By prioritising applications, we hope we’ve made the process transparent and easier to navigate for people wanting to come and support their family and friends.”

INZ Director Visa, Sarah Clifford says, “INZ has strived to make the process as straight forward as possible and strike the balance between a visible humanitarian, victim-focused approach while upholding government expectations and the integrity of the immigration system”.

The Coronial Inquiry is scheduled to finish in December this year.

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