Monday, May 27, 2024

IPCA finds man’s arrest following terror attack was lawful

NZ Police has acknowledged the findings by the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) which found the arrest and detention of a man in March 2019 was lawful.

The IPCA investigation was launched following a complaint from the man that his arrest and detention was unlawful and occurred because he had made public statements criticising Police following the March 15, 2019, terror attack.

“The IPCA examined the decision to arrest and detain the man, and the decision to decline him diversion after he pleaded guilty to one charge of possessing firearms without a licence,” said NZ Police Assistant Commissioner Richard Chambers.

The investigation found the decision to arrest and detain the man was lawful, and that the decision to decline diversion complied with Police policy.

Police arrested the man after receiving information that he had been in Auckland in possession of a military style semi-automatic firearm.

“Police take firearms offences extremely seriously, and as the IPCA has determined the decision making around the man’s arrest and prosecution was appropriate, with the man’s public comments having no bearing on the actions taken by officers,” Assistant Commissioner Chambers said.

IPCA Chair Judge Colin Doherty said, “The Authority is satisfied Police did not act in response to public statements criticising Police.”

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