Tuesday, April 23, 2024

IPCA finds Police should not have fired at tyres

NZ Police has acknowledged and accepted the Independent Police Conduct Authority’s (IPCA) findings into the level of force used by officers to arrest a man in Taranaki last year.

The man was considered high risk, and had had a warrant out for his arrest for 11 months at the time of the incident.

A plan to arrest him at a rural property in Matapu involved 15 officers, including members of the Armed Offenders Squad.

“During the arrest, Mr X was assaultive, and various tactical options were used, including Taser multiple times, and a sponge round,” NZ Police said in a statement today.

The IPCA found these options were justified, and that overall the arrest was planned and executed adequately.

However, the IPCA found Police were not justified in shooting at the tyres of the man’s vehicle as he fled the scene in it.

Central District Commander Superintendent Scott Fraser says officers were dealing with a high-risk individual who they were concerned may have had a firearm on him, and would prove a danger to both officers and members of the public if he was not immediately taken into custody.

“While Officer B believed he had no other option at the time, Police acknowledges that he was not justified at shooting at the moving vehicle in this instance,” he said.

Following this event, Police re-circulated amongst Taranaki staff a 2018 ‘lessons learned’ review document on shooting at moving vehicles, and subsequently conducted refresher training with staff.

Police are currently reviewing policy around shooting at, or from, vehicles. This gives Police an opportunity to review tactics in this space, and will also include training consultation.

The review is expected to be completed later this year.

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