Sunday, April 21, 2024

Iwi engagement agreement signed for Tui decommissioning project

The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and Te Kāhui o Taranaki Trust have entered into a partnership agreement for engagement within Taranaki Iwi on the project to decommission the Tui Field.

“This partnership is an opportunity to collaborate with the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment and ensure our communities’ voices are represented in the future,” said chairperson of Te Kāhui o Taranaki, Leanne Horo.

“For Taranaki Iwi, as tangata whenua, we will ensure that the environmental impacts within our rohe are identified and worked through with MBIE to ensure a positive outcome,” she said.

“The Tui decommissioning process is ground-breaking for both Taranaki Iwi and the Crown.”

The agreement is to assist in ensuring Taranaki Iwi’s cultural values and interests are recognised, understood and responded to throughout the decommissioning project.

“The agreement will ensure any adverse cultural or environment risks are identified and mitigated to the extent practicable,” said Deputy Chief Executive, Building, Resources and Markets, Chris Bunny.

“Under the agreement MBIE will partner with Te Kāhui o Taranaki Trust to engage within the iwi and externally with the ministry on the Tui decommissioning process which includes the draft marine consent application and the decommissioning plan.

“MBIE is cognisant that there is a pipeline of decommissioning work that is anticipated by industry in the coming years and the Tui Decommissioning Project is an opportunity for Taranaki Iwi to increase their knowledge of various aspects of the decommissioning process,” said Mr Bunny.

MBIE, on behalf of the Crown, is responsible for the decommissioning of the Tui Field after the liquidation and receivership of Tamarind Taranaki Ltd. The Crown is committed to ensuring that the field is decommissioned safely in accordance with the law and good industry practice. 

A dedicated Tui Project team, within MBIE’s Energy and Resource Markets branch, is planning and preparing for the full decommissioning of Tui.

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