Monday, July 15, 2024

Justice Minister slams ‘shameful’ crime data

Justice Minister Paul Goldsmith says new crime data highlights how critical the Government’s plan is to restore law and order.

“The latest New Zealand Crime and Victims Survey data is shameful, with New Zealanders experiencing 1.88 million incidents of crime between November 2022 and October 2023,” said Minister Goldsmith.

The statistics revealed there were 185,000 New Zealanders who experienced 449,000 incidents of violent crime, including physical and sexual assault, and robbery.

“Sadly, the survey found more New Zealanders felt unsafe than the year prior, even if they weren’t a victim of a crime,” said Mr Goldsmith.

“This is unacceptable. That’s why this Government backs the Police to do their job more effectively and will ensure there are serious consequences for crime.

“We have has set two clear targets – 20,000 fewer victims of violent crime by 2029, alongside serious repeat youth offending to drop by 15%. 

“Yesterday I announced a sentencing reform package to ensure criminals face serious consequences for crime, the needs of victims are prioritised and faith in our justice system is restored.

“We’re also backing police to go after criminal gangs, restoring Three Strikes legislation, getting more officers on the beat, establishing military-style academies and a new Youth Serious Offender category, and speeding up court processes.

“This Government will not sit by and let these figures get worse. We’re taking action and will ensure all Kiwis feel safe in their communities,” he said.

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