Sunday, June 23, 2024

Kaipara neighbours getting noisier

Kaipara District Council says it has recorded a rise in complaints about noisy neighbours from concerned community members.

The increase in neighbourly discord has led the Council to issue public guidelines on how to be a less noisy neighbour.

In the advice, published online, Council urges, ‘Be a considerate neighbour and think about how your noise might affect those around you’.

“We’ve noticed an increase in concerns from our communities about excessive noise from neighbours,” Council said in a statement.

“Our noise control officers responding to these concerns as they are reported.”

Council has published a list of tips for keeping within acceptable noise limits.

  • If you intend to host a party or carry out noisy activity, give your neighbours a heads up.
  • Correctly install your building and vehicle alarms and get them regularly serviced (and try not to forget your alarm pin).
  • Do any noisy yard work at reasonable times during daylight hours – keep your mower or weed eater in the shed until after the neighbours are up if you can!
  • If you’re doing land development or construction works, keep to the restrictions noted in your resource consent.

“If noise from your neighbour is impacting you, try talking to them in first instance. If that doesn’t work, you can give us a call on 0800 105 890 to make a complaint,” Council suggested.

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