Sunday, July 14, 2024

Katikati pond clean-up to improve water quality

The Highfield stormwater pond in Katikati is being dredged and deepened to improve its ability to hold and treat water before it is released into the Uretara Stream.

Located off Uretara Drive, a section of walkway around the pond is temporarily closed while this maintenance work is carried out, with a detour in place for people who wish to walk a full loop of the area.

The pond holds stormwater before it is released into the Uretara Stream, serving as an ecological and environmental barrier.

Stormwater runoff from urban areas can contain pollutants like oil, chemicals and debris, which settles at the bottom of the pond, leaving clean water to flow into the stream.

The buildup of sediment and silt over time means the pond now needs to be cleaned out and deepened to continue functioning efficiently.

The pond will be restored to its original depth for two-thirds of the area, while the remaining one-third will be deepened by an additional 0.5m. A bund will also be installed which will improve water quality and make future maintenance easier. Additionally, the area around the pond will be planted to beautify the surroundings.

Consented by both Western Bay of Plenty District and Bay of Plenty Regional Councils, the work follows two years of groundwater monitoring, which identified it as the most efficient and cost-effective solution.

The work is expected to be completed by early October.

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