Friday, May 24, 2024

Kitmap report highlights research infrastructure in Aotearoa

Those who work in the research, science and innovation sector will have more visibility of the research infrastructure available to support their work, with the publication of the Kitmap report, the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment has announced.

The Kitmap project highlights the research infrastructure across New Zealand’s government-funded research organisations including Crown Research Institutes (CRIs), the National eScience Infrastructure (NeSI), and Callaghan Innovation. It shows how infrastructure enables different types of research and how it is accessed by researchers.

Across the institutions, 493 different infrastructures were reported. Most of these are laboratories, each with a variety of equipment and resources. There are also many field sites, physical and digital collections, computational resources, and networks of sensors for monitoring the natural environment, the Ministry said in a statement.

“Alongside the Kitmap project report, we are looking to publish an interactive tool in 2023. We plan for it to enable collaboration across the research, science and innovation sector by acting as a platform for research institutions to showcase their available research infrastructure, and a portal for researchers, domestic and international, to connect with the infrastructure they need to carry out their research,” it said.

“The tool can also be used by research offices and policy makers to identify gaps and opportunities in our research infrastructure.”

The Kitmap report is being used in the Te Ara Paerangi Future Pathways programme to consider any gaps in the system’s infrastructure, as well as how they are accessed and governed.

“Through Te Ara Paerangi, we seek to understand how to increase the value from infrastructure investment, improve outcomes for the system, and better invest in enabling infrastructure to create opportunities for researchers in Aotearoa.”

Read the Kitmap report.

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