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Kiwi cops cross the ditch to nab pay rise


The Queensland Police Service (QPS) today welcomed a record-breaking graduation of 51 frontline officers from interstate and international police jurisdictions, upon completion of the PACE (Police Abridged Competency Education) program.

PACE is an 18-week program that recognises previous policing experience and builds on their existing background in policing, with the program covering theory, as well as skills-based training and assessment items.

In a statement, QPS said all eligible PACE graduate’s policing experience are recognised in terms of salary, in addition to receiving a relocation incentive of $20,000 to support their move to Queensland.

Almost half of today’s graduating cohort have crossed the ditch from New Zealand, with one graduate, FYC Dion Nelson-Screen bringing five years of policing experience, the QPS said.

Dion said he has always dreamed about a life in the Sunshine State and the $20,000 relocation incentive was the final push to apply.

In addition to enjoying the warmer weather, Dion says he is looking forward to making a positive impact on Queensland communities.

“The PACE program has really prepared us for what it takes to work on the frontline in Queensland, and I’m really looking forward to helping Queensland communities across the State,” FYC Dion said.

“Living in such a sunny environment while working in the profession I’ve loved for the last five years is really exciting, the increase in pay is an added bonus.”

The QPS relocation recruitment incentive provides eligible PACE applicants up to $130,000 annually as a First Year Constable, which is seeing an influx of international and interstate police applying to wok in the Sunshine State.

The 51 new FYCs previously served in a wide variety of policing jurisdictions including Canada, France, New Zealand, Scotland, South Africa and the United Kingdom, as well as other Australian states and territories.

There are currently 625 recruits in training and 2,289 applicants in the recruiting pipeline, with more than 580 applications for the PACE program, which is the highest number in QPS history.

“Our recruitment pipeline is the strongest we’ve seen in some time, with our largest intake of PACE recruits in Queensland Police history starting the program next week,” said QPS Superintendent Renee Kurtz.

“One of the new First Year Constables graduating today is receiving the $20,000 relocation incentive and brings 25 years of policing experience.

“This profound level of skill and practical knowledge in policing will be extremely beneficial to the Queensland frontline, ensuring the safety of our State.”

The new First Year Constables will now be deployed across the State as they continue their rewarding careers ensuring the safety of Queenslanders.

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