Monday, April 22, 2024

Kiwi encounter for Russell officer

An emergency dash for an injured bird led to a close encounter of the kiwi kind for officer in charge at Russell station, Senior Constable Michael Gorrie.

The injured kiwi was found at about 8.30pm last Monday by a couple who live on a boat in Matauwhi Bay, Russell.

They were driving into Russell when they spotted the kiwi sitting in a drain, opposite the local dump.

The kiwi wasn’t moving and they noticed it had blood on the end of its beak. They couldn’t see any other damage or injuries and it didn’t run away or put up a fight when they picked it up.

The injured bird was taken to Gilly Jackson, a well-known local carer of injured feathered friends, who was worried about the blood on the kiwi’s beak.

However, Gilly had a broken collarbone and was unable to drive so Michael answered the call for help, driving the bird to the Whangārei Bird Recovery Centre.

It was the first time Michael had held a kiwi and he was surprised by the bird’s strength.

“It was quite strong in the legs and was wriggling,” he said.

He said he had previously seen the kiwi crossing the road near the dump and hoped that when the bird recovers it will be released back in Russell.

That may not be too far away – the kiwi is said to be recovering well at the centre.

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