Saturday, June 15, 2024

Major seizure milestone for NZ Police

A significant milestone has been reached with $500 million in cash and assets seized from gangs and criminals by Police over the past four years, Police Minister Poto Williams announced today.

“During our last term in office, this target was set for 2021 with Police as part of our crackdown on gangs and crime. That work has continued in this term and it’s pleasing to see this target met,” Minister Williams said.

“Gangs should not be making money from exploiting our communities. This Government is very clear – we will not tolerate organised crime and gangs and we are working hard to disrupt them.

“New Zealanders have the right to feel safe in their homes and their communities. Actions like this will go a long way to making New Zealanders safer by making a significant dent in the illicit economy – which causes so much harm in our communities.”

“Today’s milestone furthers our commitment to hitting gangs where it hurts – their pockets.”

She said that for every $1 seized, $3.30 of crime is disrupted, and for every $1 forfeited, $3.50 of crime is disrupted.

“Meaning that in the last four years alone, we have removed approximately $1.6 billion from the illicit economy.”

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