Saturday, June 15, 2024

Māori broadcasting strategy makes headlines

Minister for Māori Development Willie Jackson has today announced the Government’s new Māori Broadcasting Strategy.

Cabinet has agreed to a three-year plan, which outlines the priorities for the Māori media sector.

“Māori media plays a vital role in normalising and revitalising te reo Māori and helps us work towards the Maihi Karauna goal of one million New Zealanders speaking basic te reo Māori by 2040,” said Minister Jackson.

“It’s important to have quality Māori content available to all New Zealanders – in both te reo Māori and English – to raise the status of te reo Māori and build cultural and national identity.”

The Cabinet paper sets out key actions that form the foundation of the plan. This includes setting clear outcomes and priorities for the sector, improving coordination with the wider public media system, and supporting workforce development.

“This kaupapa is a culmination of several years’ work on the future of Māori media,” Mr Jackson said.

“I would like to recognise the contribution of the members of the Māori Broadcasting Advisory Panel – Jason Ake, Ella Henry, Nicole Hoey, Annabelle Lee-Mather, Peter Lucas-Jones, Bailey Mackey, and Scotty Morrison – to this work. As some of the most experienced Māori broadcasters, commentators, and practitioners in the field, they provided valuable advice that informed my recommendations to Cabinet.

“We are now in a strong position to grow the workforce, respond to advances in media, and work collaboratively with other agencies, such as Manatū Taonga, to progress this mahi,” he said.

The Government announced a $40 million investment in Budget 2022, to support Māori media to transition to a new public media environment and prepare it to increasingly deliver a fuller range of Māori content.

“Since the Budget announcement, we are in the process of coordinating a coherent Māori and mainstream public media system.”

“Positioning Māori media and mainstream public media to work more closely together, will ensure the diverse realities of Māori are reflected across a range of platforms,” Mr Jackson said.

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