Monday, April 22, 2024

Minister adds RAT to Dunedin hospital development

The major construction phase of one of New Zealand’s biggest ever infrastructure projects will be marked at a ceremony in Dunedin today.

Dunedin’s new $1.47 billion hospital is being built on the site of the old Cadbury chocolate factory. It will feature 421 beds, 16 theatres and 30 high-dependency beds.

“These are major projects, requiring a great deal of planning and preparation, and it is a real pleasure to be in Dunedin today to see work on the new hospital under way,” Health Minister, Andrew Little said.

The building will meet 5-Star Green Star accreditation, with features like double-glazing and low-energy intelligent lighting systems that use natural daylight instead of artificial lighting whenever possible, the Minister confirmed.

The first stage of the project, the outpatients building, is on schedule to open in 2025, with the inpatient building to open in 2028.

The construction phase is expected to create the equivalent of nearly 1,000 fulltime jobs and add $429 million to the local economy.

Minister Little contributed a COVID-19 RAT test and a signed N95 mask to a time capsule that will be sealed into the new building.

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