Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Minister announces new Iranian sanctions, travel bans

Foreign Minister, Nanaia Mahuta, has announced new sanctions on Iranians supplying drones to Russia and expanded travel bans on those responsible for the violent response to protests.

“New Zealand condemns all individuals and entities supporting Russia’s illegal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine,” Ms Mahuta said in a statement.

“Iran’s supply and manufacture of drones to Russia, threatens the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine. These drones are targeting civilians and vital infrastructure causing suffering and devastation for the Ukrainian people.”

The Government is sanctioning a further eight Iranian individuals and entities. They will be subject to asset freezes, travel bans and have restrictions on commercial activity with anyone in New Zealand, the Minister said.

“Those sanctioned include the Head of Supply, Research and Industrial Affairs Division at the Iranian Ministry of Defence and Armed Forces Logistics, the Commander of the Iranian Air Force, and companies responsible for the manufacture of drones.”

New Zealand has now sanctioned five Iranian entities and seven Iranian individuals associated with Russia’s war on Ukraine.

“Today’s sanctions against Iran follow separate measures that we are taking in response to human rights violations in the wake of Mahsa Amini’s death,” Ms Mahuta said.

“New Zealand continues to be appalled by the use of force by Iranian authorities in response to peaceful protests. In light of further developments, including the implementation of death penalty sentences, we have expanded the list of banned individuals to 37.”

Banned individuals include members of the Iranian Judiciary who oversee executions in Iran, the Morality Police, the Law Enforcement Command, and members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. They will not be allowed to enter or transit New Zealand.

“New Zealand continues to call on Iran to immediately stop the violation of human rights of Iranians, including by commuting all death penalty sentences that have been imposed,” Minister Mahuta said.

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