Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Minister delivers Easter road safety message

Transport Minister, Simeon Brown, is encouraging all road users to stay safe, plan their journeys ahead of time, and be patient with other drivers while travelling around this Easter long weekend.

“Road safety is a responsibility we all share, and with increased traffic on our roads expected this Easter we all need to make good decisions as we’re travelling around to avoid deaths and serious injuries,” said Minister Brown.

“Enforcement agencies will be taking a zero tolerance approach to road users putting themselves and others at risk. You can expect to see an increased Police presence on our roads this weekend, so think twice before you get behind the wheel.

“Stick to the speed limit, don’t drink or take drugs and drive, ensure you are well rested, and plan your journey ahead of time. Simple decisions like remembering to put on your seatbelt and avoiding distractions like cell phones while driving can save your life.

“We want everyone to enjoy this Easter spending time with their friends and family. Making good decisions will ensure everyone can travel and return home safely.”

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