Saturday, July 13, 2024

Minister welcomes consultation on new cancer drugs

Associate Health Minister, David Seymour says today’s announcement that Pharmac is opening consultation on new cancer medicines is great news for Kiwi cancer patients and their families.

“As a result of the coalition Government’s $604 million funding boost, consultation is able to start today for the first two targeted cancer treatments,” said the Minister.

Mr Seymour said more funding for cancer medicines means more choices and options available to Pharmac.

“On June 24, the Government announced it would deliver the funding boost so Pharmac could use its bargaining power to procure more medicines,” he said.

“I’m delighted that, less than two weeks later, the process is already underway. Pharmac should be praised for the speed with which it is moving.

“It is important to note that Pharmac’s model is independent and designed to get the best value for New Zealanders in procuring these medicines, while the Government’s job is to make sure the right regulatory settings are in place and the funding is there for Pharmac. Ensuring that independence is very important to me.

Consultation for this first tranche is open until Friday 26 July. Following that, a funding proposal will be taken to Pharmac’s Board for a decision.  

“For many New Zealanders, funding for pharmaceuticals is life or death, or the difference between a life of pain and suffering or living freely. New cancer medicines will make a significant difference to people’s lives by slowing the progression of their cancer,” said Mr Brown.

Consultation also opened today for two other treatments to prevent infection in people at risk of invasive fungal infections.

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