Saturday, May 25, 2024

Ministry identifies three contacts of infected mariners

Two mariners who yesterday returned positive results for COVID-19 are isolating on a vessel off the coast of Taranaki, the Ministry of Health has confirmed.

The mariners are part of a group of nine who arrived in Auckland on Monday before being transferred onto a deep sea fishing vessel in New Plymouth.

“Health officials currently regard the situation as representing a low risk to public health due to standard infection prevention controls,” the Ministry said in a statement.

All nine provided negative COVID-19 pre-departure test results before travelling to New Zealand, it said.

“Following these initial negative tests and their arrival in New Zealand, the mariners were tested again at an airport testing site in Auckland prior to transfer to the vessel at Port Taranaki.”

The seven other mariners have since returned negative COVID-19 tests, the Ministry confirmed

“The vessel has now left New Plymouth and is in international waters off the coast of Taranaki. All nine mariners are still onboard and isolating.”

The Ministry is now reviewing the flight and airport movements of the mariners as part of its contact tracing process.

“Due to the standard infection prevention controls and other precautions taken there is minimal additional risk to any of the contacts during the transfer process,” the Ministry said.

“At this point, public health staff have identified three contacts who are currently isolating, including two people who work at the port and the driver who transported the mariners from Auckland to New Plymouth.”

“Health authorities in Taranaki and Auckland will be following up and all three will receive their routine tests while in isolation. At this stage, there are no associated locations of interest.”

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