Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Moncks Bay link a step closer

The final link in Te Ara Ihutai Christchurch Coastal Pathway is a step closer following strong community support for the proposed design and a lower speed limit in Main Road, Redcliffs.

The Waikura/Linwood-Central-Heathcote Community Board has approved the detailed design and construction phase of the Moncks Bay section – excluding a speed limit change – following community consultation late last year.

It has recommended that the move to 40kmh from the present 50kmh go to the Christchurch City Council’s Urban Development and Transport Committee for approval.

Board Chairperson Alexandra Davids says a “complete Coastal Pathway is now in sight much earlier than planned thanks to the Government’s ‘shovel-ready’ funding”.

“The Moncks Bay section is integral to the success of the wider Coastal Pathway, completing the last gap in the route and showcasing the unique scenery of the Moncks Bay area,” Ms Davids says.

“The community response to the proposed section design has been overwhelmingly positive, with only a few tweaks to the project plan regarding ‘no stopping’ lines and the removal of the proposed angle parking in Cliff Street and Bayview Road.”

The pump station car park layout also now allows car and trailer parking for boatshed users.

“The final section has required detailed planning in order to successfully navigate the construction of a potentially very busy corridor alongside the water’s edge,” says Ms Davids.

“Most people have welcomed the proposed lower speed limit, new pedestrian islands and intersection upgrades for Main Road to help keep everyone safe as more pedestrians and cyclists travel through the area.”

Work on the Moncks Bay section is expected to start by the middle of the year.

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