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Mongrel Mob father and son forfeit $140k in cash and vehicles

Hawke’s Bay father and son Mongrel Mob members, Shayne and Teina Teddy, have been ordered to forfeit $140,000 in assets following an investigation by the Police Asset Recovery Unit.

Napier High Court ordered the forfeiture after the pair were convicted of methamphetamine supply charges.

The father and son, who are members of the Mongrel Mob Riders chapter, were investigated by Napier Police and the Hawke’s Bay Organised Crime Unit, between May and July 2020.

“On 22 May 2020 Napier Police searched a house shared by Shayne and Teina Teddy in Onekawa, Napier,” said Central Asset Recovery Unit, Wellington Detective Sam Buckley.

Eight shotgun shells, ecstasy, cannabis and $35,000 cash were found at the address.

“On 24 July 2020 further addresses in Napier were searched by Police. At a Marewa address, Police seized three rifles, ammunition, cannabis, ecstasy and a safe.”

“Police opened the safe and found to contain $70,000 cash and two pistols.

“At a second address in Onekawa Police found $15,000 cash, 230g of methamphetamine, shotgun, $3,000 cash and cannabis,” said Detective Buckley.

The Police Asset Recovery Unit restrained a Harley Davidson motorcycle and Ford Ranger vehicle in addition to the cash located.

The investigation established the assets were derived through illicit means under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act (The CPRA).

“The CPRA allows Police to target serious and organised crime through both criminal and civil court jurisdictions,” Detective Sam Buckley said.

“This forfeiture shows that Police will continue to chase criminals and their assets, even when they go to great lengths to keep these assets hidden to avoid them being seized.”

Shayne Teddy was sentenced to five years imprisonment, while Teina Teddy received a sentence of five months community detention.

“Organised crime and gangs in the Hawke’s Bay cause serious harm to our communities.”

“Police will continue working to strip organised crime groups and their associates of their wealth earned from criminal activity,” said Detective Buckley.

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