Thursday, May 30, 2024

Monster tractor pulling its weight in Hawke’s Bay

Hawke’s Bay Regional Council’s ‘monster’ tractor is helping get stock across the river at Rissington after the bridge was destroyed by Cyclone Gabrielle.

Council’s Asset Management Group Manager, Chris Dolley says the Council was glad to help the community who are under pressure to destock.

“Usually this tractor is used to maintain gravel in our flood control schemes, but it’s great its pulling power was useful for the local farmers,” he said.

Beef + Lamb NZ Lead Extension Manager, Mark Harris says the tractor is a great temporary measure to get stock moving.

“We did some test runs yesterday and moved 130 cattle and 220 lambs across the Mangaone River,” said Mr Harris.

“We should be able to move about 540 stock units a day across the river weather permitting. This will really help ease the feed pressure on the 60 farms across the river.”

The tractor will continue to move stock across the river until the Bailey bridge at Rissington is built. The new bridge is scheduled to be completed by 31 March.

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