Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Motion upheld for Ruawai Adaptive Pathways pilot

Kaipara District Councillors have supported a motion by Mayor, Craig Jepson, regarding the Ruawai Adaptive Pathways pilot programme.

Ruawai Adaptive Pathways is Council’s adaptation planning pilot project. Through the pilot, Council is working to support the Ruawai community to set up a plan to prepare for, and respond to increasing coastal hazards, flood hazards and sea level rise.

After discussion, Kaipara District Council elected members voted to not approve either the sub-areas or the adaptation approaches put forward for Ruawai Adaptive Pathways.

Council also directed Chief Executive, Jason Marris to report to the November meeting on the Ruawai Adaptation Pathways Pilot Programme, including the amount of budget committed and remaining in the budget; the implications of cancelling the programme and re-allocating the remaining budget to other activities such as physical works on adaptation, mitigation and upgrade works within or linked to Raupo Drainage District for the benefit of the Ruawai area; further information on any consultation requirements; and impacts on the regional Climate Adaptation Programme, as well as any other relevant information.

Mayor Jepson, says the decision allows the Council to make a fully informed decision on the future of the programme in November.  

“I want to see us doing actual work on the ground, real actions and physical works that support the resilience of our communities,” he said.

“The Raupo Drainage Scheme is a prime example of successful mitigation and adaptation in Kaipara. So, I am looking forward to receiving the information and understanding all the implications should we choose to discontinue the Ruawai Adaptive Pathways work, and look forward to discussing it with my Council next month.” 

The report containing the information requested by Council will be presented at the November meeting.

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