Monday, April 22, 2024

MSD launches online identity check service

From 20 November, new clients applying for ongoing financial support through MyMSD can choose to verify their identity online, using Identity Check, the Ministry of Social Development (MSD) has announced.

The Ministry says Identity Check is a fast and secure way to confirm identity. Being able to do this online will make the application process easier for many clients, MSD said in a statement.

“If people don’t want to use Identity Check, or it doesn’t work for them, they can bring their ID into a service centre, as they do today.”

“Identity information is a taonga. Identity Check will be another way we’re protecting our clients’ identity, while making sure we give support to the right person.”

Identity Check is provided by Te Tari Taiwhenua | Department of Internal Affairs (DIA). It uses facial recognition technology to take a live photo and compare this with the client’s driver licence or passport photo. MSD doesn’t have access to these photos or clients’ biometric information.

“Identity is confirmed within a few moments. If the check isn’t successful, clients can try again or bring their ID into a service centre. An unsuccessful check won’t have any impact on whether an application for support is granted,” MSD said.

“There’s guidance during the process on how to take a good photo. Staying still, looking straight at the camera, having good lighting and a good internet connection produce the best result.”

DIA recently upgraded the technology Identity Check uses. MSD says live tests for the new version show a success rate of over 90%, for people from a variety of backgrounds.

“We’re pleased with those initial results as an indication that the service will generally work well for our clients,” the Ministry said.

For more info on Identity Check: this page and on the Work and Income website.

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