Thursday, July 18, 2024

National climate plan opens for feedback

New Zealanders can now have their say on a proposed National Adaptation Plan released by the Ministry of the Environment to help communities across the country adapt to the impacts of climate change.

“Aotearoa will soon have a plan to bring down our emissions and help prevent the worst effects of climate change, but we must also support communities already being hit by more extreme and more frequent weather events,” Climate Change Minister, James Shaw said today.

“Just in the last few months we have seen massive floods, such as those in Tairawhiti; storms, such as those experienced recently in Westport; fires in the Waituna wetlands in Southland; and droughts right across the country.

“These events demonstrate the case for urgent action on climate change – action to protect lives, incomes, homes, businesses and infrastructure.”

He said climate effects were also known to increase existing inequalities for Māori, Pasifika, women, disabled people, youth, older people, and low-income groups.

The draft National Adaptation Plan outlines the actions the Government will take over the next six years to respond to the priority climate-related risks identified in the 2020 National Climate Change Risk Assessment.

“Central Government does not bear all the costs. The consultation asks how best to share risks and costs between property and asset owners, insurers, banks and local government as well,” said Minister Shaw.

“It also asks for views on managed retreat and flood insurance, to ensure a joined-up approach to climate change adaptation.

“Of course, the best thing we can do to stop these extreme weather events from getting worse is cutting the pollution we put into the atmosphere in the first place. Next month’s Emissions Reduction Plan will set out how we plan to do that. However, we know that the climate is already changing and there will be some effects we cannot avoid.

“I urge all New Zealanders to read the plan and make a submission. Together, we can help create resilient communities, where our homes and the places we love are protected for generations to come,” he said.

Click to read the draft National Adaptation Plan:

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