Wednesday, June 19, 2024

New appointments to Māori Land Court

Minister for Māori Development, Tama Potaka, has today announced acting Deputy Chief Judge Craig Coxhead as the new Deputy Chief Judge, and Nathan Milner as Judge of the Māori Land Court.

“I want to congratulate Judge Coxhead and Mr Milner on their appointments to the Māori Land Court after many years of service and dedication to our judicial branch of government,” says Mr Potaka.

Judge Craig Coxhead (pictured, right) has 16 years of judicial service in law matched by his extensive knowledge of tikanga Māori and experience of Te Ture Whenua Māori Act 1993 and the Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975.

Judge Coxhead has held numerous national and international judicial roles including Waitangi Tribunal Judge, Māori Land Court Judge, Presiding Officer on three Waitangi Tribunal inquiries, as well as Chief Justice of High Court of Niue and Judge of the High Court in the Cook Islands. This longstanding mahi puts him in good stead to undertake the Deputy Chief Judge role.

Mr Milner (pictured, left) has more than 15 years post-admission commercial law firm experience from his time at a large national law firm and small boutique firm.

Mr Milner has been a Counsel in the Māori Land Court, Māori Appellate Court, High Court, and Waitangi Tribunal. Prior to his admission he was Research Counsel for the Chief Judge of the Māori Land Court (who is also the Chairperson of the Waitangi Tribunal) and then as an Assistant.

“With considerable experience in Māori land law, trusts law, estates, commercial and contract matters, Māori Fisheries Act 2004 issues and disputes, legislative development and dispute management and resolution, I am confident Mr Milner will thrive in the opportunity before him as Māori Land Court Judge,” said Minister Potaka.

Incoming Deputy Chief Judge Coxhead and Judge Milner will be officially sworn in over the next month.

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