Tuesday, May 28, 2024

New code of conduct “crystal clear” for school boards

Minister of Education, Jan Tinetti says a new compulsory code of conduct for school boards will ensure members are “crystal clear” on their responsibilities and expected standard of behaviour.

It’s the first time a compulsory code of conduct has been published for state and state-integrated school boards and is set to come into effect on 21 June 2023.

“I know from my time as a school principal that the vast majority of board members are ethical, generous, and work hard to ensure their school is great for all students. I appreciated their dedication and commitment then, and I still do,” said Ms Tinetti.

She said board members, and the education sector had strongly supported a draft of the code during a 2022 consultation.

The code of conduct aims to help protect the autonomy of school boards, and empowers members to act when they feel a colleague is not meeting the expected standards. Only a board can recommend a member be removed for persistent breaches and a Minister can only remove a board member on that recommendation.

“This code will safeguard our boards, which are critical roles within our schools. Having parents involved in the running of our schools is something special about our education system and I want to see that continue,” Ms Tinetti said.

The Ministry of Education worked closely with the New Zealand School Trustees Association to develop the mandatory Code.

Every school board will receive notice of the code of conduct and a copy is also available on the Ministry website.

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