Thursday, July 18, 2024

New Deputy Mayor for Marlborough

New Marlborough Mayor, Nadine Taylor, has appointed Blenheim Councillor, David Croad, as her Deputy Mayor.

“Councillor Croad excelled as a councillor over the last three years. We work well together and I’m confident he has the qualities and skills required to be outstanding in the role,” she said.

Councillor Croad will also Chair the Assets and Services Committee, overseeing the management of the Council’s big-budget assets and amenities infrastructure.

“After holding the role of deputy chair of the Planning, Finance and Community Committee last term, Councillor Croad brings a high level of understanding to the workings of the Assets and Services Committee. He is a strategic thinker, a skill that is ideal when considering the Council’s 30-year infrastructure plan, the Three Waters reforms and our extensive capital expenditure programme,” Mayor Taylor said.

New Councillor, Jonathan Rosene, will be Deputy Chair of the Assets and Services Committee.

“As a first term Councillor, his appointment will provide Councillor Rosene with leadership and decision-making opportunities,” Mayor Taylor said.

Marlborough Mayor, Nadine Taylor.

Mayor Taylor has decided to mostly retain the previous term’s committee structure but the planning component of the former Planning, Finance and Community Committee will move across to the Environment Committee.

“This committee – Environment and Planning – is a natural fit given the environmental issues facing our region and their direct links to our planning work,” she said.

The Environment and Planning Committee will be chaired by Councillor, Gerald Hope, who brings a wealth of experience to the role.

“Councillor Hope was deputy chair of the previous Environment Committee and has a strong environmental background in his own right. He was the obvious councillor for the role,” Mayor Taylor said.

“Councillor Hope will also chair a new Climate Change Sub-committee which will bring a greater focus to the work Council is already doing in this space.”

Councillor, Barbara Faulls, will be Deputy Chair of the Environment and Planning Committee.

The new Economic, Finance and Community Committee will be chaired by Councillor, Jamie Arbuckle.

“Part of this committee’s remit is to focus on economic and social recovery in the wake of Covid-19. Councillor Arbuckle is one of our most experienced councillors. In previous terms he has sat on the Long Term Plan Working Group and has an extensive understanding of Council finances. He has also been heavily involved in the development of the Marlborough Environment Plan and has a breadth of both Council and community knowledge,” Mayor Taylor said.

Councillor Arbuckle will also chair the Long Term Plan Working Group.

Councillor, Brian Dawson, who also brings solid financial experience will be the committee’s deputy chair. Councillor Dawson will also chair the Regional Transport Committee.

A new Blenheim CBD Sub-committee will also be established, chaired by Mayor Taylor, which comprises the Assets and Services and Economic, Finance and Community committee chairs and deputies.

The Mayor said this new sub-committee will focus on the long term needs of Blenheim’s CBD.

“While I recognise central business districts across New Zealand all face challenges, we want to work with the local business community – such as the Blenheim Business Association, the Marlborough Chamber of Commerce and Destination Marlborough – as well as the wider business community to see what we can do to address some of the challenges here,” she said.

Mayor Taylor said all councillors were encouraged to take individual responsibility for leading their allocated portfolio areas.

“We have a great mix of returning and new councillors and I want to ensure we make the most of the skills that are on offer, whilst also providing pathways for future leadership opportunities,” she said.

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