Thursday, July 18, 2024

New directors appointed to Whanganui port companies

Whanganui District Council Holdings Limited has announced the appointment of new directors for Whanganui Port General Partner Limited and Whanganui Port Operating Company Limited.

Whanganui District Council Holdings Chair, Carolyn van Leuven says “after an extensive and robust recruitment process in which we received 50 applications, the panel is confident we have the right balance of skills and experience to lead the Port companies.”

“This is great news as we embark on a significant phase of work with the Port rebuild set to commence later this month.”

Current Port General Partner Chair, Mark Petersen, will remain on both boards alongside new directors, Hayden Turoa (pictured, left) and Nick Wareham (pictured, right).

“While having two separate companies is a necessity, by appointing the three directors with responsibilities across both we are creating a simpler and more efficient model, which is appropriate during the next phase of the port’s growth.”

Each board member will receive one salary for both boards, and serve for a three-year term which is standard practice for council-controlled organisations.

For the past year, Mark Petersen has been chair of the Port General Partner, while also a director of the Port Operating Company. 

“Mark is a very experienced director and technical operator who brings a set of specific skills and experience for this role, including Port and Waterfront redevelopment governance,” says Ms van Leuven.

“He has been actively involved in the Whanganui Port over the past year as a transitional director, laying the foundations for a revitalised port which will stimulate our local economy and ensure we attract and retain high-value jobs in our city.”

She said Mr Turoa is no stranger to the Whanganui Port, as he currently holds the role of Project Director for Te Pūwaha: the Whanganui Port revitalisation project. He has experience in both governance and executive leadership, along with a strong understanding of Te Awa Tupua (Whanganui River as a living being and legal personality) and its intrinsic values, Tupua te Kawa.

Ms van Leuven said Mr Wareham brings a wide range of skills and experience, having held senior executive positions in both the private and public sector across ports, airports, forestry and commercial property. He has operated within and is familiar with central and regional government as well as having served as a director on joint ventures.

The first board meeting for the new board directors will be held on Friday, 15 September.

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