Tuesday, July 16, 2024

New framework for bus driver pay and more reliable services

Legislation to replace New Zealand’s outdated public transport model with a fairer system that supports paying bus drivers a decent wage passed its third reading last night.

The new Sustainable Public Transport Framework under the Regulation of Public Transport Bill supports the Government’s commitment to better public transport, Transport Minister, David Parker said today.

“National’s Public Transport Operating Model put profits before people. It cut transport subsidies and forced services to be contracted out, rewarding operators that paid lower wages to drivers. The result was drivers abandoning their jobs, creating chronic driver shortages and reduced service levels,” said Minister Parker.

“This Government had to intervene to fix the driver shortages by paying for better wages and conditions over and above those locked in under National, along with allowing for some recruitment of migrant drivers.”

Minister Parker said the new framework provides for long-term sustainability of public transport by ensuring fair and equitable treatment of workers throughout the system, through planning and service provision.

“Regional councils will be able to own assets and operate services if that is the best option for their communities. Collaboration will be encouraged between councils to plan inter-regional services and better-connect public transport infrastructure and services.”

“A fairer and more sustainable public transport system will help improve pay and conditions for the workforce and make more liveable cities. These changes will create a more reliable system for the future,” he said.

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