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New plan to put tourism back on the map

Work to transform and regenerate New Zealand’s tourism sector will be boosted by the outcomes of the Tourism Industry Transformation Plan, launched today by Tourism Minister, Stuart Nash.

The draft Better Work Action Plan, the first phase of the Tourism Industry Transformation Plan (ITP), was opened for public consultation at the Tourism Export Council of New Zealand’s annual conference in Nelson, and was developed by the Industry Transformation Plan Leadership Group, a partnership between the Government, industry, unions, and Māori.

“New Zealand is one of the top tourism destinations in the entire world, and as we recover from the pandemic, it is the perfect time to set out a new vision for tourism in our beautiful country, so that the sector can rebuild better, with a stronger focus on a more resilient and regenerative future,” Minister Nash said.

“Our work with the Tourism ITP is to challenge the perception of a career in tourism from being one with low wages, long hours and uncertainty; to one of aspiration, fulfilment and with attractive career pathways. It identifies challenges and sets out actions to overcome them, including improving education and training, providing more resources for business owners and operators, and enabling better work through innovation and technology.

“Our ongoing work is integral to the Government’s objective of building a high-wage, low-emissions economy, and involves investing in our people, deepening the talent pool, lifting skill levels and providing better work outcomes for those in tourism. Although the pandemic has exacerbated some of the systemic challenges in tourism businesses, we know that these already existed before COVID-19.”

Minister Nash said it was time to look to the future of the sector and learn from the challenges of the past few years to rebuild in a stronger and more sustainable way.

He said the Action Plan sets out a vision for the New Zealand tourism sector that is regenerative – where tourism is giving back more than it takes from people, communities, and the environment.

“I want to thank the Leadership Group, who gave up their time when the industry was going through a particularly challenging period to come together for this work. ITPs are all about partnership – they involve industry leaders, unions, Māori and government.”

“This draft Action Plan was developed together by all parties, and its success relies on continued partnership,” said Mr Nash.

Further information about the consultation, how to have your say, and how to attend in-person and online workshops can be found here. The closing date for feedback is 14 September 2022.

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