Saturday, June 15, 2024

New sanctions target Russian defence networks

The Minister of Foreign Affairs has announced further sanctions on supporters of Russia’s illegal invasion of Ukraine, this time focusing on the Russian defence and security sectors.

“Russia’s illegal and unjustified invasion of Ukraine and its continued acts of aggression are enabled by its extensive military-industrial network, which is made up of a large web of protagonists,” said Minister Nanaia Mahuta.

“Today we are sanctioning 14 individuals and seven entities as part of our ongoing support for Ukraine. The group includes military personnel, defence entities and executives, Russian- directed disinformation outlets, and a paramilitary organisation and its senior commanders.”

They include executives and shareholders from companies that design and manufacture missiles and firearms, as well as members of neo-Nazi paramilitary groups linked to the Wagner Group of mercenaries.

Also sanctioned are Russian disinformation outlets including the InfoRos news agency and cyber operation run by Russia’s military intelligence, and the Crimea-based propaganda outlet, NewsFront.

“By targeting these individuals and groups, Aotearoa New Zealand is making clear its condemnation of those who play a role in facilitating Russia’s illegal and unjustified actions in Ukraine. Continued reports of indiscriminate attacks and widespread damage on civilian targets by Russian Armed Forces in Ukraine is deeply concerning,” said the Minister.

“The Russian Federation supported by its defence sector is responsible for violating the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, which is a grave breach of international law. Aotearoa New Zealand is particularly concerned by Russia’s recent attacks targeting civilians and civilian infrastructure in cities across Ukraine.”

To date, Aotearoa New Zealand has imposed sanctions on more than 1,200 individuals and entities, and has imposed unprecedented trade measures which have seen our exports to Russia and imports from Russian fall dramatically, the Minister said.

More information about sanctions, travel bans, and export controls against Russia; as well as diplomatic, military and economic support to Ukraine can be found on the MFAT site here.

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