Wednesday, May 29, 2024

New school on drawing board for Melville

The Government is looking to establish a new Year 7-13 school for Melville, Education Minister, Chris Hipkins announced today.

“After considering the schooling options in southwest Hamilton, I am satisfied that Melville High School and Melville Intermediate should close and a new school should be established to meet the needs of current and future young people in the area,” Mr Hipkins said.

“Both schools have provided information to me about what they think the future of schooling in Melville should be.”

The Minister said that while Melville High School’s preference is for the two current schools to merge, Melville Intermediate, local iwi Ngāti Wairere and whānau support the establishment of a new Year 7-13 school.

“I have written to Melville Intermediate and Melville High School boards giving them 28 days to provide any final feedback. A formal decision will then be made.”

“I would like to thank the schools and community for taking part in the consultation and for their feedback to date.

“Together we have a wonderful opportunity to strengthen education in Melville, by establishing an innovative new school that meets the needs of current and future local young people,” Mr Hipkins said.

Development of the new school property would take several years, with learning continuing from both sites as the build is planned and construction gets underway, he said.

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