Thursday, May 23, 2024

New speed limits for Kāpiti school zones

Kāpiti Coast District Council says new variable 30km/h speed limits around 13 Kāpiti schools will be up and running by June. 

Installation of new 30km/h variable speed limit signs will begin this month.

The change is the first stage of implementing the Kāpiti Coast District Council Speed Management Plan, which was consulted on and adopted last year.

“The new Government is currently reviewing New Zealand’s speed limit rules, and changes signalled do not impact this first stage of our work. We will reassess the Speed Management Plan once new Government direction is finalised,” the Council said in a statement.

Areas immediately around all schools will be transitioning to either permanent or variable 30km/h limits by 2027.

Council Group Manager Infrastructure and Asset Management, Sean Mallon says there was strong community support for speed limit changes around schools.

“This is the first step in our plan for making our road environment safer, especially for our tamariki,” Mr Mallon says.

“While the new variable speed limits will become legal in June, we’ll be turning electronic signs on as they’re installed so motorists can start getting used to the change – the sooner we familiarise ourselves with the new rules the better.

“Police have been kept up to date with the changes, however we trust there will be limited need for enforcement given community support for this step.”

The 30km/h variable speed limits will be operational at the following school zones by mid-June:

Permanent speed limit changes around the remaining Kāpiti schools, and in some cases the installation of traffic calming infrastructure, is scheduled to commence in 2025 for completion by 2027.

The Speed Management Plan will be reviewed every three years to allow Council to assess the effectiveness of any changes and to apply lessons to updated plans.

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