Tuesday, July 16, 2024

New video to assist whānau in coronial process

Minister for Courts, Aupito William Sio, has welcomed a new video resource to guide whānau through the coronial process.

The Ministry of Justice has created the video as part of a work programme focused on improving the experience from when a death occurs and is reported to the coroner, until the body (tūpāpaku) is returned to whānau.

“The Government is committed to reducing the time a case spends in the Coroner’s jurisdiction. This work includes the Coroners Amendment Bill and the Budget 2022 funding to help reduce the coronial caseload,” said Minister Sio.

“I am confident that the Coroners Amendment Bill will reduce the time it takes for certain types of cases to move through the coronial process, and free up Coroners’ time to work on reducing the number of active cases.

“The video has been designed to support whānau when considering their options during the initial stages after a death, and help the coroner in identifying the values held by whānau that may need to be considered.”

Alongside the video, a new factsheet and revised booklet are also available to assist families in understanding the coronial process.

The video is available with both English and te reo Māori subtitles. Both versions are available on the Ministry’s YouTube channel, and on the Coronial Services website. Links: First stages of the coronial process | Coronial Services of New Zealand (justice.govt.nz)  and  Coronial Process – YouTube

“Aotearoa New Zealand is home to many different faiths and cultures, and it’s important that cultural, religious, and spiritual beliefs are acknowledged when a death is referred to the coroner,” Mr Sio said.

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