Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Next stage for quake-damaged New Brighton key route

Christchurch City Council says fixing earthquake damage and emergency resilience for the key route in and out of New Brighton is now a step closer.

The Gateway to New Brighton project, which was recently approved by a Hearings Panel, involves major upgrades to Pages Road, a new bridge and improvements to surrounding streets.  

Other key upgrades include:

  • A new T-intersection and traffic lights to replace the roundabout at Pages Road, Hawke Street and Seaview Road;
  • No vehicle access to the T-intersection from Owles Terrace and New Brighton Road;
  • A lane change on Pages Road westbound from one to two lanes;
  • Intersection modifications, kerb buildouts, pedestrian crossings and parking changes on surrounding streets.

“This bridge is the most significant transport project in our city and is a lifeline to the east. It will significantly improve traffic flow after events such as the fireworks and allow for a quicker emergency evacuation,” said Panel Chair and Coastal Ward Councillor, Celeste Donovan.

“The new bridge and road will be more resilient to future earthquakes and the effects of climate change, replacing the nearly 100 year old bridge that suffered significant damage in the earthquakes. It’s been a huge concern for the community, so we need to deliver it without further delays.”

The current roundabout area will become a pocket park featuring the existing palm tree, and the traffic lights will be slightly north, the Council confirmed.

The new bridge will be slightly north of its current position, so the existing bridge can be used during construction.

A number of changes to the project’s design plan were also proposed by the Panel, such as including additional parking on Hawke Street and Rawson Street and Seaview Road.

The Panel requested that staff report back on safety and cost implications for the removal of the kerb build out outside the Police Station and recommended changing the shared path on Seaview Road to a footpath and separated cycle lane.

It also requested that staff report back to the Council on a location for a pedestrian refuge island and wider footpaths on Hardy Street to make the streets safer for surrounding schools.

The Panel’s recommendations will be presented to the full Council for final approval.

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