Saturday, April 20, 2024

Ngira Simmonds appointed to Maaori Advisory Panel

The Kiingitanga and the Chief Ombudsman have agreed to the appointment of Ngira Simmonds to Pūhara Mana Tangata – the Ombudsman’s Maaori Advisory Panel.

Kiingi Tuheitia Pootatau Te Wherowhero VII believes the appointment shows the Chief Ombudsman’s commitment to embracing Te Ao Maaori and acknowledging the partnership between Maaori and the Crown under the Treaty of Waitangi.

Chief Ombudsman, Peter Boshier says he is delighted the Kiingitanga has accepted the invitation to have a voice on his advisory panel.

“Pūhara Mana Tangata is essential in my mahi to ensure the interests of Te Ao Maaori are always represented and my office remains relevant to all New Zealanders,” he said.

“Today marks a new milestone in the relationship between the Ombudsman and Kiingitanga.”

Ngira Simmonds, who is the Kiingitanga’s Chief of Staff, says he was honoured to represent the Kiingitanga on Pūhara Mana Tangata.

“Our role is to ensure the Ombudsman has the knowledge and capability to embrace the principles of Te Ao Maaori and the Treaty of Waitangi.”

Kiingi Tuheitia and Judge Boshier confirmed Mr Simmonds’ appointment at a formal ceremony at Tuurangawaewae House in Ngaaruawaahia, also attended by Pūhara Mana Tangata members Dame Naida Glavish and Lady Tureiti Moxon.

The name Pūhara Mana Tangata conveys the panel’s role as a watchtower ensuring fairness for all, particularly Māori.

In 2020 the Ombudsman established a summer internship programme with Kiingitanga and so far two interns have been hosted by his office.

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