Saturday, July 13, 2024

Numbers add up for lottery grants

Minister of Internal Affairs, Brooke van Velden says $343.5 million in lottery profits have been allocated to New Zealand communities across the country – an increase of around $29.8 million from previous years.

“The distribution of lottery profits can have a significant and enduring impact on the lives of New Zealanders across a wide range of communities. Being able to ensure lottery funding makes a positive contribution toward current and future generations is a rewarding responsibility,” says Ms van Velden.

Lottery profits are generated from Lotto NZ sales and are allocated by the Board for the purpose of building strong, sustainable and self-reliant communities. They provide opportunities for social, recreational and cultural participation and the development of arts, culture, heritage, sports and recreation.

“As New Zealand continues to feel the impacts of rising costs, the Board is focused on supporting communities to build on their strengths and to develop their long-term aspirations,” the Minister said.

“This increase will also be welcome news for the many organisations and groups that receive lottery funding. Last financial year, over 3,000 lottery grants were approved by our distribution committees, and with this increase we anticipate an even further reach to communities.”

In her ministerial responsibility as Minister of Internal Affairs, Ms van Velden became presiding member of the board in November 2023 and is joined by her parliamentary colleagues Hon Louise Upston, and the representative of the Leader of the Opposition – Lemauga Lydia Sosene. The Board also includes three community liaison members – Karen Coutts, Sumati Govind and Colleen Tuuta.

The board allocates funding in two ways:

  • By providing direct funding to three statutory bodies – Sport NZ, the New Zealand Film Commission and Creative New Zealand – and to Ngā Taonga Sound and Vision; and  
  • Through 18 Lottery distribution committees across the country that consider applications from, and provide direct grants to, community organisations.

The board allocates funding annually from Lotto NZ profits generated in the previous financial year.

The board is supported by a network of community advisors across the country from the Department of Internal Affairs.

“Congratulations to all communities who will be receiving grants.”

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