Sunday, June 16, 2024

NW Waikato enters Alert Level 3

North west Waikato has now entered Alert Level 3 for five days, a move COVID-19 Response Minister, Chris Hipkins says will help limit possible further community transmission of the virus.

“This temporary measure gives us time to assess the situation and gather information from the contact tracing and community testing now underway, to help find the source of the cases announced on Sunday,” Mr Hipkins says.

Limiting movement within north west Waikato for this temporary period will limit the Delta variant’s opportunity to spread while that important work goes on, he said.

“As with the other recent ‘bespoke’ alert level in Hauraki, and the ongoing restrictions for Auckland, we recognise the impact these decisions will have on the lives of people in the north west Waikato.”

“However, given the cases announced on Sunday, it was absolutely essential we moved swiftly to stop Delta in its tracks. This temporary restriction is one of three key tools which will help prevent that.

“Getting vaccinated – and getting tested if you’re symptomatic – are the two other vital actions people in Waikato can take right now to help.

“Straight away yesterday, we saw a really strong show of support from people to get tested and the DHB will be making sure that response is supported again today,” the Minister said.

Movement within Waikato

  • A boundary map for the north west Waikato alert level region is now available online:
  • People can travel in and out of the Waikato Alert Level 3 area for limited permitted reasons. This includes for work in permitted business and services.
  • People can also cross into the Waikato Alert Level 3 area from an Alert Level 2 area to work in any business or service which is open in the Alert Level 3 area.
  • But people cannot cross from the Waikato Alert Level 3 area to work in an Alert Level 2 area, except for work in permitted businesses and services.
  • If you are travelling in and out of the Waikato Alert Level 3 area – other than across the boundary with Auckland – you are not required to provide evidence of a recent test.
  • If you must travel, carry evidence of the purpose of travel and be prepared to explain reasons for travel should they be stopped at a checkpoint or spot check.
  • A formal business travel document is not required however we recommend people source a letter from their employer confirming place of work and need to travel
  • More information and travel advice will be available on the Unite Against COVID-19 website.

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