Thursday, April 25, 2024

NZ company comes onboard airspace programme with fog drone

New Zealand company, Pyper Vision, has been announced as the latest industry partner in the Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment’s (MBIE) Airspace Integration Trials programme.

Pyper Vision is developing a solution that uses remotely piloted aircraft to clear fog at airports by dispersing a safe water-absorbing product that soaks up moisture in the air. A critical area of sky can be cleared in as little as 10 minutes, allowing safe take-off and landing to resume.

Pyper Vision is aiming to test and use its technology in airports throughout New Zealand, with a view to taking the product global, MBIE said in a statement. The absorbent used by Pyper Vision is approved for use by the Environmental Protection Authority and meets drinking water standards.

The Airspace Integration Trials Programme was established by the Government to facilitate the safe testing, development and market validation of advanced aviation technologies, and accelerate their integration into New Zealand’s aviation system.

The programme is managed by the MBIE’s Innovative Partnerships’ team, working alongside the Civil Aviation Authority, the Ministry of Transport, Airways and other key stakeholders to support industry partners to take their technology from testing to in-service operations.

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