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NZDF recognises meritorious service

The New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) has recognised the crucial contributions made by personnel with the presentation of three Meritorious Service Medals and 11 CDF Commendations.

Chief of Defence Force (CDF), Air Marshal Kevin Short, made the presentations in Wellington yesterday.

The DMSM can be awarded in circumstances where personnel demonstrate exceptional performance, commitment or innovation.

This year, Warrant Officer Class One (WO1) Shane Maslin (pictured above) was awarded a DMSM for his work since 2015 as Chief Warden at the Services Corrective Establishment at Burnham Military Camp.

The facility had for many years operated on the premise of corrective sentences driven by strict discipline and hard work.

WO1 Maslin set about to refocus the way the detainees served their sentences through re-education of NZDF ethos and values.

He introduced a programme centred on promoting self-leadership. This meant detainees were challenged to set their own goals. Success was measured by them achieving their goals, through which they gained self-respect, self-confidence and self-discipline.

WO1 Maslin engaged social workers, specialists in drug and alcohol abuse, and mental health professionals to ensure the best support was available. This enabled the detainees to disclose their personal issues in-confidence and begin the journey to healing and self-recovery.

“WO1 Maslin’s efforts have resulted in reduced recidivism and changed the lives and careers of detainees,” Air Marshal Short said.

WO1 Te Aranga Pitiera Matthews was awarded a DMSM for his work in the Health Logistics Support Squadron at Linton Army Camp, where he was posted in 2018.

The squadron was under-staffed and under-resourced at that time and at risk of not being able to sustain its outputs and facing a raft of other issues.

WO1 Matthews set about fixing the issues – motivating his staff and setting goals for the squadron. He took the squadron back to basics, reinforcing discipline and the importance of daily parades. He instigated weekly orders groups and tasks lists, initiated team training and conducted policy reviews, all of which enhanced staff satisfaction rates.

“WO1 Matthews’ loyalty to his staff and dedication to delivery of a quality service has been exemplary and he single-handily turned the squadron from the verge of collapse into a high performing unit,” Air Marshal Short said.

Commander Glenn Avard (pictured, above), a 25-year Navy veteran, was awarded his DMSM for his work in bringing the former commercial survey vessel, now diving and hydrographic ship HMNZS Manawanui, into service.

“His dedication, leadership and professionalism during the project over several years has been pivotal to the successful introduction into service of HMNZS Manawanui,” Air Marshal Short said.

“The mix and integration of civilian and military modifications created a very complex technical landscape requiring a high degree of interpretation and flexibility. This required Commander Avard to understand both the commercial standard that applied to ships and to be able to integrate the military standards required for the conversion process.”

CDF Commendations may be awarded in recognition of an act, conduct or service that is outstanding and worthy of recognition, other than medallic recognition. 

Commendations were awarded to:

Staff Sergeant Samuel Bebarfald – For his work in designing and delivering a 16-week training course to an exceptionally high standard

Sergeant Jack Colton – for his efforts to improve the medical trade

Warrant Officer Class Two (WO2) Glenn Cossey – for his work on the Network Enabled Army Programme

Lieutenant Rosemary Hebden – for her role with the Managed Isolation and Quarantine operations cell as part of the All-of-Government response to the global COVID-19 pandemic

WO2 Richard Hood – for his work on the Network Enabled Army Programme

Mr Rodney Jay – for his work as the Programme Director of the Consolidated Logistics Project, a broad programme of work which comprises up to 30 individual projects

Major Oliver Lynn – for his role in the All-of-Government response to the global COVID-19 pandemic

Mrs Antonia Nicholson – has made a significant contribution to the delivery of social services in Wellness Support over her 15 years with the NZDF

Colonel Stephen Piercy – for his role of Director of the Strategic Logistics Cell in the COVID-19 Operations Command Centre

Mr Stanley Utiger – for his work on the Defence Learning Management System project

Mr Dave Yorston – for his work as Business Change Manager of the Consolidated Logistics Project.

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