Saturday, July 20, 2024

One-payment public transport system deal signed

New Zealanders will soon be able to use a single payment system across Aotearoa public transport, with today’s signing of the National Ticketing Solution contract with supplier Cubic.

Transport Minister ,Michael Wood said today’s deal was a key milestone in the journey to grow public transport use by providing a single payment system and a range of easy-to-use payment methods, no matter where you are in the country.

“Our government is committed to making it more affordable, easier and attractive for Kiwis to use public transport. Through our investments we are delivering linked up public transport networks across the country that help people get to where they want to go,” said Minister Wood.

“When implemented, the NTS will offer a wide range of benefits to public transport users. The payment system will be convenient, easy to use, and offer a consistent customer experience.

“Customers will be able to choose what payment method works best for them,” he said.

Payment options will include contactless debit or credit cards, as well as digital payment methods like Apple Pay or Google Pay, while still offering the option of using a pre-paid transit card.

This new technology will allow daily weekly and monthly fare caps to be applied to travel automatically, meaning customers will be charged the best possible fare at the end of each day, the Minister said.

“It will also mean that when travelling to a new town, people will be able to pay using what’s already in their pocket, rather than having to buy a transit card specific to that region or fumble for cash.”

“The NTS will be an enabler for change. To encourage public transport as the preferred travel choice for more people, more often, we must invest in modern technologies to improve the customer experience.

“Cubic have the proven experience of delivering this solution, meaning New Zealanders can have confidence that they are getting a platform that works,” Mr Wood said.

A participation agreement has also been finalised between Public Transport Authorities, Auckland Transport, Greater Wellington Regional Council, Environment Canterbury, and a Regional Consortium of 10 smaller councils, to deliver the solution.

“The local authorities saw the benefits that the NTS can provide to the decarbonisation and economic development of their regions.”

“Through improved access and increased patronage of public transport, roads will become less congested, safer and we will reduce our emissions,” said Minister Wood.

The National Ticketing Solution will be rolled out in a stage process across the different public transport authorities, starting with Environment Canterbury in 2024.

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