Monday, July 15, 2024

Onion industry applauds peeling of tariffs

The New Zealand onion industry is applauding the complete elimination of tariffs – worth NZ$6 million annually – on onion exports to the European Union (EU) when the free trade agreement (FTA) comes into effect.

“The EU is the number one market for New Zealand onion exports. The elimination of tariffs – from 9.6% to zero – puts the New Zealand onion industry on a level footing with competitors such as Chile and South Africa,’” says Onions New Zealand chief executive, James Kuperus today.

“Onions are an important rotation crop for vegetable growers so the FTA will benefit growers across the country, from South Auckland to Canterbury. The FTA also addresses technical barriers to trade.

“I’d like to recognise the tireless work of the New Zealand negotiators. They’ve often had to join Zoom calls long into the morning during the COVID-19 pandemic to deliver this FTA.”

In the financial year to March 2020, the New Zealand onion industry contributed NZ$189 million to Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 1,762 jobs, he said.

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